Terms of Reference

  • To advise the Minister on all issues relating to the fluoridation of public water supplies and its impact on the other aspects of policy.
  • To evaluate the current and emerging research with an emphasis on academically ‘high impact’ peer reviewed research publications or their equivalent. This will include environmental impacts and its delivery methods as an established health technology.
  • To evaluate the Health Research Board evidence review on the ‘Health effects of water fluoridation’ published in June 2015.
  • To report to the Minister on matters of concern at his/her request or on the Body’s own initiative as required.
  • To have an external communications and media role as required by the Minister.
  • To submit an annual workplan relating to the work of the Expert Body, including a search strategy, and an annual report on the work for the approval of the Minister prior to publication by the Body.
  • To report to the Department of Health on the workplan and on issues arising on request.