Forum Minutes of Meetings - 6 September 2000

Minutes of meeting of the Forum on Fluoridation of 6 September 2000
Jury’s Hotel, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4


  • Professor Pat Fottrell (Chairman)

  • Dr Wayne Anderson

  • Professor William Binchy

  • Professor John Clarkson

  • Dr Dominique Crowley

  • Dr Patrick Flanagan

  • Mr Oliver Fogarty

  • Ms Dorothy Gallagher

  • Dr Gerard Gavin

  • Dr Howard Johnson

  • Dr Joe Mullen

  • Professor Moira O’Brien

  • Dr Máire O’Connor

  • Professor Denis O’Mullane

  • Professor Miriam Wylie

  • Ms Nessa O’Doherty (Secretariat)

  • Mr Tom Coleman (DoHC, Observer)

  • Dr Margaret Shannon (DoHC)


  • Ms Dora Hennessy

  • Professor Cecily Kelleher

  • Mr Kevin Moyles

  • Dr Carmel Parnell


Ms Darina Allen wrote to the Minister on 21/8/00 to state that she would not be participating in the work of the Forum.

Mr Dick Warner did not contact the secretariat to the Forum prior to the meeting and was not in attendance.

VOICE has not yet provided the name of a representative or clarified if they will be participating.


Professor Fottrell welcomed all present and gave the apologies of those named above who could not attend. Each member introduced themself and gave brief background information.

Friday 13 October 2000 was agreed as the date for the Forum’s next meeting - to be held in UCC. Agreement that the Forum should try to meet on the second Thursday of each month henceforth. Professor O’Brien and Dr O’Connor gave their apologies for the next meeting.

Overview of terms of reference and membership discussed.

Presentations given by Professor O’Mullane and Dr Gavin and subsequent discussion.

Suggestions agreed upon by members:

(a) US evidence/documentation to be looked at

(b) Irish Dietetic Institute to be contacted for information regarding sugar consumption and dental health

(c) agreement that it will be important to hear speakers from the anti-fluoridation perspective - suggestions that speakers/submissions from the following areas be invited: (i) medical, (ii) environmental (perhaps Dr Paul Connett), (iii) dental (perhaps Professor Hardy Limeback), and (iv) rights/ethics; - secretariat to contact speakers etc.

(d) Dr Flanagan to circulate EPA documentation on a confidential basis to the members of the Forum (via the secretariat) and to give a brief presentation at the next meeting of his thoughts/suggestions on the area of fluoridation

(e) agreement that advertisement to be placed in national newspapers to invite submissions from the public - secretariat to draft ad.

(f) e-mail address to be set up for the Forum to receive correspondence/submissions from the public - secretariat to look after this

(g) possibility of the Forum having a web site to be investigated by the secretariat i.e. costs, design, upkeep, etc.

(h) Irish Doctors’ Environmental Association suggested as a possible member/presenter - Secretariat to get information on this group

(i) correspondence from Sligo Action Against Fluoride to be circulated by the secretariat

(j) speakers to be invited to submit outline of their presentation prior to the relevant meeting - secretariat to look after this

(k) any suggestions from members regarding speakers/documentation to be circulated/etc. to be forwarded to secretariat

(l) suggestion that it would be useful to have a dietitian on the Forum to be discussed further - FSAI may be able to suggest a dietitian; other additional members/experts may be suggested by members to the Forum at any stage

(m) York Review to be circulated with summary attached - Professor O’Mullane to facilitate this - Dr Liz Treasure’s commentary/presentation from recent meeting in UCC would be useful

(n) report from Centre for Disease Control to be circulated - secretariat to arrange

(o) two papers from Professor Clarkson to be circulated - secretariat to arrange this

(p) clarification required on support available to Chairman and members of the Forum - Chairman and DoHC to discuss

(q) budget for Forum to be submitted to the DoHC - Chairman and secretariat to discuss with DoHC

(r) expertise required for writing of report - important that the writer would be independent and lacking in bias - suggestions/volunteers invited from members - perhaps an outside agency could be asked to write it - for further discussion

(s) status of minutes/discussions etc. re FoI to be clarified by secretariat.

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